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Why Upvc Windows
Sep 19, 2018

1. UPVC doors and windows have good thermal insulation: the plastics in the aluminum-plastic composite profiles have low thermal conductivity, and the heat insulation effect is 1250 times better than that of aluminum materials. In addition, it has good air tightness. In the cold regions, although the outdoor is minus tens of degrees, the interior is another world.

2. UPVC doors and windows have good sound insulation: the structure has been carefully designed, the joints are tight, the test results, sound insulation 30db, in line with relevant standards.

3. Impact resistance of UPVC doors and windows: Since the outer surface of aluminum-plastic composite profiles is aluminum alloy, it is much more impact resistant than plastic steel window profiles.

4. UPVC doors and windows have good air tightness: all the gaps in the aluminum-plastic composite window are equipped with multiple sealing tops or strips. The airtightness is one level, which can fully exert the air conditioning effect and save 50% energy.

5. Good water tightness: the doors and windows are designed with rain-proof structure to completely isolate the rainwater from the outside, and the watertightness is in line with relevant national standards.

6. UPVC doors and windows have good fire resistance: plastic steel doors and windows are UPVC materials, which are not self-igniting and do not support combustion.

7. UPVC doors and windows security is good: aluminum-plastic composite window, equipped with excellent hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, so that thieves can not do anything

8. Maintenance-free: The aluminum-plastic composite profile is not easily attacked by acid and alkali, does not turn yellow and fades, and requires little maintenance. When it is dirty, it can be scrubbed with water and cleaning agent, and cleaned as soon as possible after cleaning.

9. The best design: aluminum-plastic composite window is scientifically designed and adopts reasonable energy-saving profiles, so it has been recognized and praised by the national authority, which can add luster to the building.

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