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What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows?
Sep 06, 2018

Introduction of the advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows

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1, long service life

The texture of the aluminum alloy door and window itself will be relatively strong, with small deformation, strong fire resistance, long service life, high strength and corrosion resistance.

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2, personalized customization

The density of aluminum alloy doors and windows is relatively low, but the strength is very high, so its plasticity is relatively strong, can meet any needs of the user's home balcony type, and the designer can also design the section according to the size of the area and home improvement or tooling, which is why The reason why it is widely used is very wide.

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3, good decorative effect

Nowadays, the appearance and color of the new aluminum alloy doors and windows are already very rich. It can be designed into various styles of doors and windows according to the purpose, and can also be designed into the effect of wood grain simulation, so it is deeply loved by people. For example, the hotel is decorated with floor-to-ceiling glass. It can also be decorated with different materials of glass. The variability is very strong, and the service life of the profile is very long. It is not easy to be deformed, not easy to be corroded, and has good decoration. The most important thing is that the security performance is strong.

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