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The Transformation Of Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows Must Avoid Three Mistakes
Oct 23, 2018

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are a very important process in the renovation of home improvement. Choosing good aluminum alloy doors and windows not only adds a touch of color to the comfortable home, but also gives people good ventilation and lighting conditions, so it should not be underestimated in the home decoration. Today, I will discuss with you three major mistakes in the transformation of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows

Common Misconception 1: Consumers are often willing to close the balcony and transform it into a kitchen, which saves a lot of space. As we all know, this will make the ventilation and mining of the entire house worse, and the smoke generated during cooking is difficult to dissipate. It is easy to cause dirt after a long time.

Solution: The space behind the balcony is suitable for opening, avoiding the balcony from separating from the living room, thus reducing the transparency of the home.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows 1

Common Mistakes 2: Aluminum alloy doors and windows are brand new, no need to replace, can save unnecessary costs. However, the hidden dangers of aluminum alloy doors and windows are not easy to see with the naked eye, so it is recommended to replace the doors and windows during the decoration.

Solution: In the home decoration, if the doors and windows are removed, it is easy to damage the indoor and outdoor walls. Therefore, it is best to replace the aluminum alloy doors and windows and carry out home improvement construction. Consumers must choose the right brand profile. Since the quality and quality of the profile will largely determine the grade and service life of the entire aluminum alloy door and window, it is not greedy and cheap to avoid being fooled by the manufacturer and buying fake profiles when purchasing the profile. It is recommended to go to the regular shopping center to purchase, which will ensure the quality of the configuration file.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows 2

Common misconception 3: The aging of doors and windows is also a prominent problem in second-hand housing, but if the material is strong and you like its style, it can be updated as long as it is repainted, but it must be removed if the following problems occur. Redo, the main problem is whether the doors and windows are peeling and deforming. If there is, it means that the characteristics of the material itself have changed and must be replaced. But the renovation of doors and windows is more than just a varnish.

Solution: Since any substrate and material can be refurbished, if the original oil is used and the color is darker, it should not be covered with light paint unless the original color covers a darker color. If it is initially mixed, there is no limit to the color and you can change it to any color. If the surface of the door and window is damaged, such as cracks or holes in some places, the damaged area should be placed in the damaged area, then the sandpaper should be sanded, then the primer and topcoat should be brushed. If the base layer is not damaged, consider painting directly.

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