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The Performance Of The Color Aluminum Window Is Different Due To The Different Scope Of Use
Jul 17, 2018

The performance of color aluminum window is different due to the different scope of use, but usually consider the following aspects: strength, which is mainly reflected in the material selection of color aluminum window, whether he can withstand ultra high pressure; airtight Sexuality is mainly reflected in the structure of doors and windows. Whether the inner and outer frame structures of doors and windows are tight, whether the frameless balcony windows are tight and airtight; the watertightness is mainly to check whether there are water and leakage in the color aluminum windows; Mainly due to the sound insulation effect of insulating glass and other special sound insulation airtight strip structure and the durability of other door and window fittings such as opening and closing force, heat insulation, nylon guide wheel durability, and opening and closing durability.

Since the price of color aluminum window is directly related to the price of aluminum ingot, the price of color aluminum window is relatively stable in a certain period. In general, the price of high quality color aluminum window is better than inferior color. Aluminum window products are 30% higher. Inferior color aluminum windows are usually made of aluminum extruded aluminum with a large amount of impurities. The aluminum profiles used are only 0.6-0.8 mm thick. Whether it is from the tensile strength or the yield is much lower than the national regulations, such color aluminum windows, especially the frameless balcony windows are very unsafe, so the owners should not be cheap and contempt when purchasing products. Personal safety of yourself and others

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