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Is The Insulation Effect Of Broken Aluminum Doors And Windows Good?
Jul 17, 2018

Why is the aluminum door and window insulation of the broken bridge, the aluminum door and window insulation effect of the broken bridge is good, is the energy saving effect of the broken aluminum door and window good? The aluminum door and window profiles of broken bridges are made up of aluminum alloy profiles and thermoplastic composite insulation strips. Rolled heat-insulating aluminum alloy profiles are high-density polyamide PA66 strips or PVC rigid plastics with good thermal insulation properties. The strip is rolled and processed by a strip to make the aluminum-plastic composite. The foamed heat-insulating aluminum profile is formed by inserting the inner and outer aluminum profiles into a single body by using heat-insulating strips, filling the formed heat-insulating cavity with polyurethane foam, and becoming a "cold bridge" of the heat-insulating aluminum alloy profile to achieve heat preservation. Energy saving effect

Specifically, since the aluminum alloy is a metal, the heat conduction is relatively fast, so when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, the aluminum alloy can become a "bridge" for transferring heat. Such a material is made into a door and window, and its heat insulation performance is not Good. The broken aluminum is disconnected from the middle of the aluminum alloy. It uses hard plastic to connect the broken aluminum alloy. We know that the plastic heat conduction is obviously slower than the metal, so the heat is not easy to pass through the whole material. The thermal insulation performance has also improved, which is the name of the "broken bridge aluminum (alloy)".

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