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How To Maintain Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows?
Feb 13, 2019

First, troubleshooting

When the aluminum alloy doors and windows are in use, the action should be as light and light as possible. Do not use too much force. When the doors and windows are open, find obstacles. Troubleshoot first.

Second, the cleaning method

Frequently scrub the aluminum alloy doors and windows to keep the surface clean and free from contamination and corrosion. When scrubbing, try to choose soft gauze or cotton thread to avoid scratching the surface of the door and window. When scrubbing aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is best to remove the window, which can be wiped clean and safe.

Third, anti-corrosion

Try to avoid acidity. Alkaline chemicals should be in contact with the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows. When there are stains and dirt, use a soft cloth dampened with water or a neutral detergent to prevent corrosion of doors and windows.

Fourth, accessories maintenance

Always check all kinds of hardware accessories for doors and windows. If it is found to be damaged, repair or replace it in time, and keep the door and window open and closed easily and flexibly. When using the handle, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the handle and the essentials of operation, and avoid using dead force. When cleaning the handle, use water as much as possible to avoid using various organic solvent cleaners, because the organic solvent cleaner is easy to damage the handle. The coating layer affects the color life of the normal appearance.

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