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How To Choose Aluminum Window
Aug 28, 2018

Buying a good window is an important part of the home improvement process. The quality of the windows on the market is mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish them from the outside. What problems should you pay attention to when purchasing windows? As long as you master five steps, you can easily purchase a good window that fits your mind.

Step 1: select the category

At present, the common types of windows in the door and window market can be roughly divided into three categories: aluminum alloy windows, plastic steel windows, and aluminum-clad wood windows. Compared with aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows, aluminum-clad wood windows are much better than other two kinds of window materials because they are mainly made of wood. In addition, the aluminum-clad wood window is covered with a layer of broken aluminum alloy in addition to the solid wood, which makes it have good air-tightness while inheriting the thermal insulation performance of the wooden window, and can effectively block the sand. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone give priority to aluminum-clad wood windows when purchasing window materials.

Step 2: product selection

First of all, look at the material of the form is green, the material can not have radiation, and the glass should be able to effectively block the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation in the sun. Secondly, look at the quality of hardware, good hardware is the soul of the window, directly affecting the use of the window and the service life.

Step 3: to see performance

 In fact, in addition to the choice of glass, the quality of the strip is often an important factor affecting the performance of the form. The good rubber strip has high sealing property, weather resistance and high elasticity, so that the sound insulation effect of the window is optimized. In addition, the aluminum-clad wood window can form a carbonized layer after combustion of the main wood, and does not conduct high temperature to the other side that has not been burned, causing large-area combustion. Therefore, it also has good flame retardancy. In contrast, plastic-steel windows cannot be made into fire-proof windows. The melting point of aluminum alloy windows is 650 ° C. Even if fire-resistant glass is used, it will lose its effect due to the disintegration of the window. Therefore, in terms of safety performance, aluminum-clad wood windows also have certain advantages.

Step 4: talk about beauty

High-quality form, fine processing, smooth tangent, consistent angle, gentle touch and fine texture. There will be no obvious gaps. When purchasing a window, in addition to the texture of the form itself, it should be noted that the style and color of the form must be coordinated with the style of the home decoration.

Step 5: knowing the sale service

Good after-sales service is an important condition to protect consumers' own rights and interests. When we buy windows, we should try our best to choose products with good market reputation and perfect after-sales system.

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