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How Aluminum Windows Are Made
Sep 19, 2018

(1) Cut the material. Broken material, also known as "cutting", is the first process of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and is also a key process. The cutting material is mainly used for cutting materials. The material length should be determined according to the design requirements and referring to the large sample drawing of the door and window construction. The cutting is required to be accurate; otherwise, the square and window squares are difficult to guarantee, and the error value of the material size should be controlled within 2 mm. Generally speaking, the sliding door and window breakage should be cut at right angles; the flat door and window breakage should be cut at 45° angle; other types should be cut according to the assembly method.

(2) Drilling. The frame fan assembly of aluminum alloy doors and windows is generally screwed, so whether it is the assembly of the horizontal and vertical members or the fixing of the accessories, it is necessary to drill holes in the corresponding positions. For drilling holes, small bench drills or pistol-type drills can be used. The former can effectively ensure the accuracy of the drilling position because of the workbench; the latter is because of the convenient operation.

Before drilling, the elastic line should be positioned on the profile according to the assembly requirements. The drilling position is required to be accurate and the hole diameter is suitable. The drilling hole cannot be changed repeatedly on the surface of the profile, because once the hole is formed, it is difficult to repair.

(3) Assembly. The profiles are assembled by screws according to the requirements of the construction large sample drawing. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are assembled in a 45° angle butt joint, a right angle butt joint and a vertical butt joint. The connection of the horizontal and vertical rods is generally fixed with special joints or aluminum angles, and then fixed with screws, bolts or aluminum rivets.

The assembly quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows shall comply with the following requirements:

1 The decorative surface of the door and window should not have obvious damage. Local scratches and scratches on every door and window should not exceed the regulations. The colored surface of adjacent members on the 2 door windows should not have obvious chromatic aberration.

3 Door and window surfaces should be free of aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains. There should be no spilled adhesive at the assembly joint.

The deviation of the size of the 4-door window frame shall comply with the regulations.

The 5-door window frame, the assembly gap of the adjacent members of the fan and the height difference of the same plane shall comply with the regulations.

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