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Have You Chosen The Right Aluminium Alloy Doors And Windows In Your House? Only In This Way Can The Choice Be Effective.
Feb 03, 2019

Aluminum alloy doors and windows with high-grade partition profiles are the preferred products for high-grade building windows. The outstanding advantages of aluminium alloy doors and windows with heat insulation are high strength, good thermal insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, large lighting area, good atmospheric corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life and good decorative effect. How to distinguish the good from the bad when choosing and purchasing the bridge insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows?

1. Look at Profiles

A. From the quality of profiles, first of all, we can see what kind of surface treatment method is used. If the surface is ordinary oxidized profiles, we should check whether the thickness of oxide film meets the standard. The wall thickness of aluminium alloy is very important. General windows are at least 1.2mm or more. The wall thickness of high-grade energy-saving aluminium alloy windows can reach 1.8-2.0mm, which makes winter warmer. If it is other surface treated profiles, it is also necessary to test alkali resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, profile surface smoothness, color consistency.

B. See whether the geometric angle of the profile is accurate or not, the profile can not bend and twist, and the angle should be correct.

C. See whether the thickness, purity, hardness, toughness and compressive strength of profiles meet the requirements, whether there are extrusion lines on the surface of profiles, and then measure the thickness of profiles with calipers. It is very important to check the thickness. Some fake products choose thin aluminum profiles to make doors and windows for users. Such doors and windows are very unsafe. It's better to choose the products of regular aluminium alloy doors and windows manufacturer. It's not easy to reach the standard if the products are not processed according to the standard.

2. Look at Hardware

Hardware is only a small part of the window, but its role must not be underestimated. Sealing good or bad hardware is very important, and it also affects the price of the window. The quality of hardware accessories to a large extent affects the price of the window.

3. Look at the glass

We know that hollow glass can insulate noise, and at the same time it can insulate the permeation of hot air. Because there is a vacuum between the two pieces of glass, it is impossible to contact, and the hot air is naturally blocked.

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