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Broken Bridge Aluminum Is Also Called Insulated Bridge Aluminum Profile
Jul 17, 2018

Broken bridge aluminum is also called heat-insulated bridge aluminum profile, insulated aluminum alloy profile, broken bridge aluminum alloy, broken cold bridge profile, broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite profile. It has superior performance than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles. Origin of name

The "bridge" in the name "broken bridge aluminum" refers to the "cold and hot bridge" in the material sense, while the "broken" word indicates the action, that is, "breaking the cold and hot bridge."

1 According to the opening method, it is divided into: fixed window, upper hanging window, middle hanging window, lower hanging window, vertical turning window, swinging door and window, pulley casement window, pulley window, swinging and lower hanging door and window, sliding door and window, sliding and sliding Window, folding door, floor spring door, lifting sliding door, sliding folding door, inner sliding door.

2 According to the performance, it is divided into: ordinary door and window, soundproof door and window, and insulated door and window.

3 According to the application parts are divided into: inner doors and windows, outer doors and windows.

4 Classification by series: 50 series, 55 series, 60 series, etc.

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