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Aluminum Alloy Interior Door, Steel Wood Door Purchase Considerations
Jul 17, 2018

First look at the style color positioning

1, if you are a young person, generally choose fashion and light colors, the color pays attention to light colors, such as pure white, white maple, white oak and other light colors, styles generally choose fashion-style style, such as a square , Opel style, multi-line, less fancy pattern.

2, if it is used in your hometown, generally choose the color of red and purple, this color with the Chinese people red color as a symbol of festive auspicious, such as the most classic red spell, as well as red willow, red pine, red oak, These are the more popular colors, the styles are chosen to be flower style, and the style is more biased towards the classical type.

Second look at price positioning

1, low-cost target, you can choose the style of shallow stretching, ordinary color, this style is the cheapest steel-wood door in the market, the specific price should be based on the local woodworker's door salary and other, to order Retail selling price, but in principle, the price of shallow stretching is the lowest. This style and color can be found in the "classic series steel wood door" of Jin Yali Door Industry.

2, affordable and popular prices, the most important style in recent years is based on deep stretching, the price is 40-70 on the basis of shallow depth, the specific price is linked to the local market, this style and color see Jin Yali door industry "modern minimalist series"

3, high-end price target, with anti-convex door as the most high-end price, currently not very popular on the market, may have a deep relationship with price and pattern.

Third look after service

Aluminum alloy interior door after-sales service depends on the dealer's service attitude, whether it is pre-sales service, sales service, but also pay attention to after-sales service, not every product will not have problems, once a product suddenly has a problem, If a dealer is going to solve the problem for you, then it can be said that it is not a problem. Service should pay attention to the dealer's character, the dealer's service attitude, the dealer's speed of handling things, such as the door, the door, etc.

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