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The main problems in the aluminum door and window industry
Jul 17, 2018

From the perspective of production, China is a veritable door and window producing country. China is not a strong country in terms of quality and independent innovation. There are still many problems in the industry. Last year, our committee conducted an industry survey and found that there are several outstanding problems in the industry: product quality is unstable, door and window production is not refined, and there are not many door and window series products independently researched and developed. Hardware accessories development is lagging behind, and the overall door and window product quality has serious problems.

The current outstanding problems in the industry are to improve the manufacturing precision of doors and windows, and to improve the overall quality of doors and windows. The current building system in our country has hindered the promotion of excellent doors and windows, and there are few individualized doors and windows. Even the doors and windows of the villas are neat and uniform. Nowadays, the cost of land and housing in the country continues to rise. The state wants to curb housing prices. The first thing that construction developers reduce the cost of housing is the doors and windows.

No new material is the savior of energy-saving doors and windows. Door and window energy saving, improve product quality, improve door and window production accuracy is the most effective and practical energy saving method for doors and windows. At present, China's door and window manufacturing technology is seriously inadequate, and the lack of precision in product processing is a stubborn disease that hinders the quality of doors and windows.

In recent years, China's door and window hardware accessories industry has been greatly improved. In addition to a large number of international brands entering China's homes, the domestic brands have also begun to become bigger and stronger, but the door and window hardware products and China's high-speed development of doors and windows, curtain wall industry There is still a big gap between the development and the overall strength of the international door and window hardware accessories factory. With the huge energy-saving door and window market demand brought about by the implementation of the current national building energy conservation policy, there is still a sense of powerlessness.

The implementation of building energy-saving standards is a good opportunity for China to promote technological progress in the industry, to survive the fittest, to phase out old products that are not energy-efficient, and to promote high-quality energy-saving products. Last year, the committee found that in the energy-saving work of aluminum doors and windows, one of the important products in the aluminum alloy energy-saving doors and windows, the insulation strips in the aluminum alloy insulation profiles, there are problems in product quality. Some insulation strip products do not meet national standards, and even some companies use PVC strips to impersonate nylon 66-glass fiber insulation strips. Inferior materials directly affect the quality of energy-saving doors and windows.

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