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How to improve the anti-theft performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows
Jul 17, 2018

First of all, the size of the hole should be handled during installation. Standardizing the horizontal and vertical lines, especially the walls in contact with it, requires that the weight of the entire form be fully supported.

Secondly, the practice of the hole is to fix the aluminum alloy doors and windows. The connecting steel piece is fixed up and down on the wall, because the wall is sturdy, the connecting piece needs to be punched into the wall to fix the joint; then the cement is used to connect the window frame to the outer wall. The gap is filled. The last thing to do is the waterproofing process. The exterior wall can also be designed according to the owner's preference, with tiles or marble, or directly painted on the wall. In general, if you want to steal it, you must cut the joint piece hidden in the cement or destroy the structure of the entire wall.

In addition, in order to play the performance of daily anti-theft after installation, it needs to be divided into the following situations:

1. Anti-theft performance of sliding window: When the door is closed, its anti-theft performance is low and the most important is the hardware lock it uses. One of the poor anti-theft performances is that there is only one lock in the middle, and there is no lock point in the upper and lower positions; the other is a two-point lock, which has better anti-theft performance.

2. Anti-theft performance of the casement window: As a whole, it is better than the sliding window, the handle is installed indoors, and the two-point lock is combined with each other, and the airtightness is good, and the anti-theft performance is good.

3. The window yarn integration can effectively solve the weakness of the above two kinds of windows: if it is closed at the same time, its anti-theft performance can be maximized, even if the glass window is opened, the screen window also has good performance.

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