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Characteristics of titanium-magnesium alloy door
Jul 17, 2018

1. Soundproofing. The flushing sound of the toilet bowl, the sound of the shower, the sound of cooking in the kitchen and the sound of the motor of the hood constitute a source of noise and interfere with the tranquility of other rooms. The interior of the titanium-magnesium alloy door has a unique grid-like or strip-like structure, and with tight joints, the titanium-magnesium alloy door has better sound insulation than the aluminum door, especially the aluminum alloy door.

2, environmental protection. Compared with wooden doors, titanium-magnesium alloy doors generally require the use of paint finishes. Paints and synthetic wood boards contain a large amount of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which is harmful to health. Titanium-magnesium alloy doors are environmentally friendly because they are non-toxic and have no other harmful substances. Titanium-magnesium alloy doors are a new generation of environmentally friendly products.

3, moisture-proof. Titanium-magnesium alloy door has obvious moisture-proof characteristics, stable composition, anti-aging and non-deformation, and has a service life of more than 30 years. At this point, in the Zhejiang area susceptible to the rainy season, the moisture-proof function of titanium-magnesium alloy door It is especially prominent.

4. Anti-corrosion. The titanium-magnesium alloy door is not affected by any of the above substances, and the titanium-magnesium alloy door is suitable for use in various natural environments. Even if it is dirty, the titanium-magnesium alloy door can be cleaned with any cleaning agent.

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