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Aluminum alloy swing door features and installation
Jul 17, 2018

A swing door is a door that is hinged to the side of the door, inward (left inner, right inner) or outward (left outer, right outer). It consists of door covers, hinges, door fans, locks, etc.; aluminum alloy bathroom swing doors are often referred to as swing doors. The swing door has a single open swing door and a double open swing door. The single open door finger has only one door panel, one side serves as a door shaft, the other side can be opened and closed, and the double open door has two door panels, each having its own door shaft, Open in both directions.

First, aluminum alloy swing door features

1. Using advanced equipment and European spraying paint technology, the surface of aluminum is simulated with wood grain, which does not fade or deform.

2, with waterproof, anti-corrosion, no cracks, lightweight features.

3, good insulation, insulation is also cold, fireproof, not wet, long service life (50-100 years), good lighting is the best choice for home decoration.

4, the style is complete, can be customized according to different customer needs, Western style, rural style, Chinese style, European style and other types, elegant and elegant, noble and elegant.

5, green, fashion classics, value-added, cost-effective.

Second, aluminum alloy swing door installation instructions

1. Carefully open the package, remove the lock, and check that the product and accessories are intact.

2. Take out the door, open the lock tongue, rotate the door leaf at a vertical angle to the door frame, and remove the door leaf upwards.

3, install the lock, adjust to the switch freely, in line with the standard.

4. Install the door leaf and place the entire door into the door opening.

5. Adjust the gap and flatness, whether the lock can be locked normally, and raise the border of the door hinge slightly.

6. Press the installed hole on the door frame to punch the door frame with the expansion screw, adjust it to the best effect, and block the hole on the door frame with rubber.

7. When the surrounding gap is too large, it should be filled with a sealant or the like.

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