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Aluminum alloy doors and windows are popular among young people
Jul 17, 2018

After 80s and 90s, consumers grew up in the Internet age. In terms of consumption habits and aesthetics, people in the 60s and 70s had a stronger concept of independence and freedom, and they were more fashionable and personalized. According to the well-known brand dealers of aluminum alloy doors and windows, “there are more and more young people buying aluminum alloy doors and windows. Generally, the decoration of wedding rooms and large houses is relatively high. They prefer a variety of materials, innovative. Design process.

In addition, according to relevant data analysis, the popular decoration styles are mainly modern minimalism, pastoral, modern European style, etc. Among them, modern minimalist style has become the most popular home style. According to industry insiders, modern minimalism refers to the emphasis on lighting, noise prevention and other functions. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are visually blended with fashion and display individual colors through simple lines and straight white decorative language. Aesthetic style.

Due to the changes in the consumer group and the market, the market has a huge space for excavation. As long as the door and window enterprises are good at discovering the psychological needs of the younger generation, creating a new brand concept, and identifying the market positioning, it is a great place in the big market. The difficulties will also be bright.

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