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Aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories and door and window function relationship
Jul 17, 2018

Aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories are an important part of it, and its performance and quality have an important impact on the function of doors and windows. Due to the continuous development of modern technology, door and window hardware accessories (handles, handrails, sliding hinges, slide rails, connectors, etc.) are also increasingly entering the market.

Modern building doors and windows can be roughly divided into plastic windows, composite windows, and aluminum alloy windows. Among them, aluminum alloy windows are the main building door and window products in China today, accounting for a considerable proportion in today's buildings. In fact, aluminum alloy windows have their superiority in terms of resistance to wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness and environmental protection.

Due to the characteristics of aluminum alloy which is easily passivated under natural conditions, when the hardware is made of general metal materials, the structure of aluminum alloy doors and windows will be a combination of very small anodes.

The adoption of new technologies, new processes and new materials is the only way to improve the corrosion resistance of door and window hardware. Foreign hardware manufacturers use physical vapor deposition (referred to as pvd, also known as vacuum plating) to produce hardware parts with excellent appearance and corrosion resistance. Vacuum plating has strong adhesion, and the coating is not easy to fall off; the diffraction is good, the thickness of the coating is uniform; the coating is dense, the pinholes are less; the treatment is easy before plating, the process is simple; the materials are used, and the pollution is harmless.

A simple substance, alloy or compound can be plated on a metal or non-metal surface. It has been widely used in the industrial sectors of aviation, aerospace, electronics and optics to prepare coatings with special properties. With the continuous improvement, large-scale and continuous vacuum coating equipment, and the development of coating technology, decorative coatings with good bonding strength, high abrasion resistance and high brightness can be obtained. In foreign countries, the surface of some accessories such as handles and hinges is vacuum-plated, and the outer surface with excellent comprehensive performance is obtained, so that the single functional accessories such as handles and hinges become accessories with dual functions of function and decoration.

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